Dongguan Richmotor CO.,ltd

Company Information

I. Company Profile

Founded in 2015
The company is headquartered in Changzhou.
Specializing in the production of micro-motors
The products include hollow cup DC brushless motor, hollow cup DC servo motor and brushless motor.
* Used in optics, AGV, robots, models, UAVs, lasers, medical, power tools and other industries

II. Product Introduction

Hollow cup motor belongs to DC permanent magnet and servo micro-special motor. The main difference between hollow cup motor and ordinary motor is the use of coreless rotor and stator, also known as hollow cup stator and rotor.
Maximum energy conversion efficiency (an indicator of its energy-saving characteristics): Its efficiency is generally over 70%, and some products can reach more than 90% (ordinary iron-core motors are 15-50%).
Activation, braking speed, response is very fast: mechanical time constant is less than 28 milliseconds, some products reach less than 10 milliseconds, in the recommended high-speed operation area, speed regulation is sensitive.
Reliable operation stability: strong adaptive ability, self-speed fluctuation can be controlled within 2%.
Low EMI: High-quality brushes, commutator structure, small commutation spark, can avoid additional anti-interference devices
High energy density: Compared with iron core motors with the same power, their weight and volume are reduced by 1/3-1/2; the corresponding parameters of speed-voltage, speed-torque and torque-current all show standard linear relationship.

III. Product Characteristics

1. Coreless, unique high-precision coil design, small breath;
2. High Performance Rare Earth Magnets, High Power Density
3. High Torque, High Efficiency
4. No Torque Fluctuation
5. Excellent volume-to-power ratio, light weight
6. Acceleration performance with small vibration
7. Running smoothly and responding quickly
8. Low noise
9. Alveolar effect
10. Low starting torque and wide speed range
12. Good heat dissipation, low calorific value and low temperature rise

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